Morgane Planchais is a Visual artist, born in 1985, en France.

After being spotted at the end of her studies at the ENSAAMA, Superior National School of Arts and crafts Olivier de Serres, she was awarded by the City of Paris with the first artistic prize "Paris Jeunes Aventures – Prix Coups de cœur 2007". This prize already meant an official recognition of her talent. Following to that, she received the great masters assessments such as the Brazilian artist Frans Krajcberg, as well as recognition of the “Musée du Montparnasse” and its president, Jean Digne, who formally endorsed her, and offered the possibility of exhibiting her drawings among the sculptures of Frans Krajcberg at the “Espace Krajcberg “ in Paris in 2012 ("Arvores" series).



Career and prizes

2009: winner of the competition celebrating the world year of the astronomy, which theme was "Cosmos"

Creation of a large size illustration (25 x 2,50 m) about the universe, to the Paris Observatory, presented at the scientific exhibition "Cosmos" at the "Palais de la Découverte" and "Musée de l'Air" (2009-2010)

2008: Residence in Frans Krajcberg's studios, in Nova Viçosa, Bahia State, Brazil, and realization of drawings' series "Trees of Brazil" (Minas Gerais, Bahia, Rio de Janeiro) for 3 months

June 2007: winner of the first artistic prize "Paris Jeunes Aventures-Prix Coups de coeur 2007", awarded by the City of Paris

2003-2006: BTS Applied arts and crafts, ENSAAMA

(National School of Applied Arts and Crafts, Olivier de Serres, Paris)

2003: Bachelor with visual arts' speciality (honors)


2012 - Drawings' exhibition "Arvores" at the "Espace Krajcberg" sponsored by Frans Krajcberg and the "Musée du Montparnasse", Paris

See the exhibition's photos


2011 - Collective exhibition "Being creative", drawing's series "Shoals of fish",

artist's studios' Opening days

"Espace Jour et nuit culture", Paris


2009 - Collective exhibition "Four corners of the world," Trees of Brazil's drawings series (with Florent Kolandjian and Jerome Cotton, Amazonia photos)

Cultural center "Villot Rapee", Paris


2008 - Individual drawing's exhibition, "Nature's shapes in Brazil"

Cultural center "Les Amandiers", Paris


-Collective exhibition for the "Nuit Paris Jeunes", ceremony awards, with the Mayor of Paris Mr Bertrand Delanoë, and the culture representatives

Paris City Hall



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Photo Alain Massa
Photo Alain Massa