Oil stick on paper

150x100 cm


Drawings presented at the Espace Krajcberg, Paris. The exhibition was sponsored by the Brazilian artist Frans Krajcberg and the Musée du Montparnasse (2012).

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Since her residence in Frans Krajcberg's studios in Brazil in 2008, Morgane Planchais has been marked by the great master's influence, as expressed in her drawings of trees. Driven by the same force, she draws trees, their life and power, with a textured graphic gesture animated by a deep dynamism.

Her drawings, showing the life force and the poetic antinomy between the dynamic elevating and deep rooting, echo the work of Frans Krajcberg which denounces destructive force and violence of deforestation .


This is what appears in the exhibition "Arvores" at the Espace Krajcberg, exhibition sponsored by the Brazilian artist and the Musée du Montparnasse (2012), and where Morgane Planchais' drawings were presented "in resonance" with Frans Krajcberg' sculptures. The exhibition was the result of a work's culmination in which the great master was for the artist, a guide.


"In tree I see a physical and organic matter, and a movement.

"My drawings start from the nature observation, but I give free rein to the interpretation by feeling the tree. The act of drawing is physically felt, and then I try to capture the tension lines of the tree, those who created its dynamic."

Morgane Planchais




Photo Alain Massa
Photo Alain Massa